Wednesday, June 2, 2010


On Friday, Thayer and I are leaving RMBL.  We both have such mixed feelings about this move.  On one hand, I'm thrilled to be moving into a newly-renovated two-bedroom apartment near campus in Norman, OK.  I'll be able to walk to classes and bike to the farmer's market!  And there are lots of coffee shops (and a knitting store) within an easy biking radius.  Not to mention that we'll both be starting grad school!  But RMBL is just beginning to come alive- more people, more plants, more animals (the marmots are up to hilarious antics).  And since we're moving to a different climate, we're pretty much missing out on spring and early summer.  The NOAA forecast for the day we move into our new apartment is 'HOT' (98 F to be precise).

We start our journey early on Friday morning.  We're stopping in Pueblo, CO for lunch and a yarn store visit.  Then we'll spend the night in Pampa, TX before arriving in Norman, OK around lunch time.  Wish us luck!