Friday, December 18, 2009

The Christmas Branch

First of all, we got even more snow since our last post- the mountains are just so gorgeous coated in such a thick layer of snow.  Another foot, at least.  Luckily it's packing down nicely, and skiing was actually pleasant this morning!  We had to bring water from the lab to Maroon cabin- unfortunately the pipes have frozen for both John's cabin and Maroon (the nice one that skiers stay in).  It's quite a bummer, but we're still lucky to have our water.

We found an evergreen branch broken off a tree near our cabin (possibly our porcupine's doing?)- voila- Christmas "Tree"!  We piled up our presents below it and decorated it with some homemade ornaments.

A tiny teddy- isn't she cute?  And miniature mittens!

Thayer made some lovely snowflakes for the tree.

I made another little stocking.

A few weeks ago, my mom sent me a fun little kit to make felted gingerbread men.  Here's one of them (sideways- sorry).


Anonymous said...

J & T
Absolutely fantastic.
Glad you are sking.
Your Christmas tree is great. How clever.
Many packages to be opened.
G & G True

Trina S. said...

So adorable...
So nice to read your posts and how neat all the things you both do ..
thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thayer and Jessica!! I finally caught up on your blog. I love it. Your pictures are fabulous. What excitement. We are getting another storm, will it come through your area too? See you next week!!! Thanks for this wonderful blog. snow shoes to use up there? I love mine. Interesting comment about ski skins.

Chelsea and Jeff said...

i love your tree.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys---what an excellent tree---makes our island lake charlie brown tree feel powerful. Excellent wrapping---I'm very impressed. I think the ornaments are darling. I am assured that you two will have cozy christmas together. How very beautiful it is.
much love,
carolyn mom

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!!! merry Christmas! We're getting 20 " of snow here. It is beautiful.
Love you, LV

Thayer and Jessica said...

yes, we don't have snow shoes. We wish we did sometimes, but it's fine without them. We heard you guys are getting super huge blizzards!