Saturday, January 16, 2010

We skied into town today, to pick up packages of our Christmas presents, sent by our parents.  The weather was just amazing- mid-30's and brilliantly sunny.  Also, there's a class from Western State Uni up here studying our snowshoe hares, and since many of them skied in yesterday, the trail was amazingly well-packed.  All in all, it made for an enjoyable (and fast) ski.  Here are some photos taken on the way back, looking towards Gothic (as always, click for a bigger version).


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Anonymous said...

I was blinded by the volumes of knitting and had to constantly avert my eyes it was all so shocking.
Today I wore the posted shawl in a traditional shawl like position, with the beautiful Thayer carved shawl pin and it was perfect and showed off the gorgeous stitching. You are such a master knitter little miss jessica.
Mary S told me she thought your cookies were needle felt---I wouldn't put it past you!
Bonkers wants something hand knit from you.
momish carolyn