Saturday, May 1, 2010

Even though the latest storm has set us back a bit in terms of melting, the valley is looking remarkably clear!
Gothic isn't nearly as clear as this- there's still a fair amount of snow around our cabin.  Our porch is clear though, and I'm looking forward to reading outside once the weather warms up (32 F and windy with off and on snow is not warm enough).
[T - the south facing hillsides are totally out of the snow now, and the little sprouts of plants are starting to poke out of the dirt!  It's really exciting]
The sheer volume of melt is amazing.  Believe it or not, 397" of snow adds up to a lot of water, even if it's dry snow.  Here's a view of what the recent cold snap did to some of that melted snow.

[T - every little valley between hills turns into streams at this time of year.   This is one that runs under the road]

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you-and the photos are super.
The shawl is beautiful. What a work of art.
The blue bird is beautiful.
That is a keeper.
My word, the snow has to be almost done with, don't you think?
Thanks for all.
Love you,
G & G True