Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another tiny knitted bear and more bread

I made another batch of "French" bread.  This time I used Julia Child's recipe, which is very similar to the other recipes I've used, except that it calls for longer rising times.  The rising took about 8 hours, in total, I think.  The recipe certainly isn't more difficult, it just takes more planning.  As I'm in a cabin all day, I don't have that hard of a time in scheduling bread baking, believe it or not.  Here are the finished loaves.  I'm not sure why the tops are so dark- maybe too much steam?
And look, a nice uneven crumb!  I probably could have let it rise a little more, but I've been scared by horrible collapsing bread events at this altitude.

For Christmas, Carolyn and CR gave me a little knitted polar bear ornament.  I was intrigued by its construction, and set about to duplicate it.  The brown bear in the picture is my attempt to do that.
Isn't he adorable?  And really easy to make, too.  His bottom is a toe-up sock toe.  Then his shoulders are shaped like the toe of a top-down sock.  His head is shaped with a typical sock heel, and then his nose is just simple decreases!  The arms and feet are just little tubes.  In short- simple to make if you've ever made a sock.

Another book that I picked up from the library- A Blessing of Bread- has yielded lots of recipes that I want to try (Israeli Pita Bagels, anyone?).  At the moment, I have a batch of Lithuanian Challah rising in the oven.  Unlike most Challah recipes, it's made without any eggs, except for the final egg wash.


Brianna said...

The little brown bear is really adorable. I admire your French bread efforts - maybe I can convince my resident baker to try some.

Trina S. said...


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how adorable that little bear is Jessica. You are so clever! The white and brown bear are do sweet together. and more gorgeous bread---love the crumb.
How many kudos can I keep sending?
big hugs,

Karen said...

Your bear is so cute! Turned out really well. =) And you're making me want to bake bread! Too bad I'm in a hotel right now...

Jess Vogt said...

Oh man! My bread never looks that good! Julia Child's French Bread recipe you say? I'll have to try it. But I've always been scared of steaming since I had a little disaster involving a hot glass baking dish and some less hot water and an explosion of broken glass...Next time, I've got to use a metal pan to pour to the water into. Any tips!?