Monday, February 8, 2010

Bread, More Bread!

More "french" bread, because we ate all of my last batch so quickly.  This time, I got the oven really hot before I put the bread in and then turned down the temp.  I'm also slightly improving on my scoring of the loaves, as you can see.  It turned out just as tasty, with a little richer flavor, a slightly less even crumb, and a very nice crust.

My sweater is done and fits wonderfully.  It's quite toasty and- so far- buttonless. 
The weather was beautiful and clear and sunny today.  Linda was kind enough to loan me her snowshoes, and I took them out for a spin today.  So fun!  I was slightly amazed with how much easier it was to get up hills; I'm really clumsy on skis.  To celebrate my new mobility, Thayer and I went up to Judd Falls.


Anonymous said...

This is so gorgeous!
The bread and sweater are perfect. You pulled a Jessica.
Carolynish mom

Old Mule said...

T&J, I have a favor to ask. Friends own the Bridger cabin, the last one on the left before the bridge at the creek and just below on water tank cabin. They invited me to visit on many summers. They have never seen their cabin in the winter. I would like to get a picture as a gift to them. Would greatly appreciate a pic from any of you wintering over. I follow all three blogs every Sunday evening. Thanks for putting them up. Contact Bill at

Anonymous said...

Carolyn is right, the bread is beautiful.