Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dusky Grouse and Porcupines!

On a walk this afternoon, Thayer and I came across a handsome male Dusky Grouse singing his courting song.  Hoo hoo hoo.  Hoo hooooo hoo hoo.
And three nights ago, while Carolyn and CR were staying with us, this big fatty of a porcupine payed us a nighttime visit.
Some other photos from our walk this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

ok, so I left a comment from my boulder hotel saying how amazing your grouse is/was, and jealous that we missed it and kind of wished we were there instead of Boulder. However, now it is Tuesday, 70 something in Minneapolis, and I am surrounded by the stunning blue blooms of the front patio, so life is good here, too.
Nonetheless, Gothic is amazing!
carolynish mom

Anonymous said...

Great photos of the grouse. Good luck packing.

CB said...

What a striking fella! And belatedly, congrats on grad school! You guys must be excited. Will you be back in the Midwest at all this summer? I'd love to see you!