Friday, March 26, 2010

It's snowing....again.

We have about four and a half feet on the ground and we're expecting a few more inches today and tonight.  It's gusty and snowy and . . . I'm ready for spring.  We went into town yesterday to deliver mail and pick up some weather station stuff (including a new motor, which will hopefully fix our snow collecting bucket system).  For a change of pace, I snowshoed (and walked where the snow was frozen enough) and Thayer skied.  This reminded me that cross-country skiing was invented for a purpose- long distance treks over well-frozen terrain.  It's really much faster and easier than walking with bulky things strapped to your feet.  The weather cooperated very well for the trek into town- so sunny that Thayer ended up with some sunburn on his face.  I got my haircut for the first time in a year while we were in CB- it feels marvelous!

Here's what it looks like outside our cabin today.
And here is what the snow looks like, piled under the eave of our porch.
In very very exciting news (to me at least), my sweater is nearly finished.  It's just waiting for its hems to be sewn up and buttons to be purchased/attached.  Do you remember all of those damn gauge swatches I made for this sweater?  I ended up having to reclaim that yarn to have enough for sewing the hems down.  But here is what the sweater looks like.  It's not quite this pink; when I finish it, I'll have Thayer take a photo outside to give a more accurate idea of the color.
The cuff detail
And the lace panel on the back


Anonymous said...

Hi Thayer and Jessica,
All our snow is gone here and it's supposed to hit 70 this week. Some of your pictures don't appear on the blog - just little blank rectangles?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my comment - Love, Dad/CR

Thayer and Jessica said...

yeah, blogger seems to be having some trouble. They should come back soon.

G & G True said...

Hi, Jessica and Thayer,

Good to hear from you. At least, you will not be bored with all the snow.
It was cold and rainy til today--but no snow.
Will try again to see the sweater.
Love you,
G & G True