Friday, April 23, 2010

The melt was going so well!  Rivers of melt water were running past our cabin.

And then....
We had three new inches of snow added two nights ago, but yesterday's sunny afternoon managed to melt most of that.  Then upon waking up today, we discovered that another two inches of new snow lay on the ground.  It's currently snowing (ugh).  On average, the snow pack is at about two feet- the more snow we get, the longer it'll take for the road to open.  But as you've seen in earlier posts, it's melting very unevenly.  Our 'front yard' is mostly free of snow now, as is the slope down to the river.
I just checked the NOAA forecast: 5-9" today.  Yuck!!!

[T - it's also covering up our poor brown snow that is responsible for such a rapid melting.  The clean white snow will melt much slower.  Hopefully more dirt will blow in, or else we'll be stuck with snow forever.  Very disappointing...]

As for the shawl I'm working on, it's actually lace that needs a serious blocking.  It's nearly finished- just needs the addition of a border on one edge.

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Anonymous said...

Bad Snow! Good lace! Go J & Thay!
On another note, big admiration and awe experienced today by a fiber person who saw the lace shawl I was wearing. Pretty blown away by your skill level, especially since they were trying to knit a very simple lace pattern.
Fingers crossed against snow