Thursday, April 1, 2010

The storm is hitting us hard.  Since I woke up, we've gotten about 4" of snow, with more expected throughout the day and night.  It's not too cold out (28 F), but the gusty winds are persisting.  Earlier this morning, I couldn't even make out Maroon from our living room window.
Thayer and I made some tasty cookies yesterday.  We used the leftover dough from our December sugar cookies that we had frozen.  Rolled the dough out, cut squares, and put a healthy dollop of jam (strawberry, grape, or orange marmalade) in the center.  After folding them up, they baked for 8 minutes before being cooled and eaten.

[T - they were really good, and almost as easy as plain sugar cookies]

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Anonymous said...

Boy do these look good! And I'm realizing I'm really hungry!!