Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We haven't written in a while, but so many seasonal changes have taken place since our last post.  The snow is melting at a quick pace now, thanks to a light coating of some red-brown dirt that blew in with a storm. 

There's a big temporary stream full of snow melt opening up right in the middle of Gothic, next to our cabin.
The hill next to our porch is now bare.
And so is our porch (thanks to some shoveling on Thayer's part).
Animal life is quickly returning to and waking up in Gothic.  The robins are singing their hearts out to defend territory.  I've seen one marmot awake so far, and we're hoping more will wake up in the next few days.  A few ground squirrels and chipmunks have woken up, too.  Thankfully, the nuisance bear of the fall has yet to make an appearance.

I'm working on a new shawl- 'Courting Sophia' by Kat Coyle.


Linda said...

I've finally caught up on your blog. I want to come back and watch Gothic wake up!!!!!!!! I'm intrigued by the blue shawl. It looks like smocking? Can you give me more info? And your latest baking accomplishments look so good I can almost smell them!!! Miss you guys. Wish I was there!XOXO

Anonymous said...

I agree with LInda---I can't figure out the shawl it looks so very much like smocking. It will be fun to see!
Looks like progress towards spring!
carolyn mon