Tuesday, October 13, 2009


As I'm in between some bigger knitting projects and waiting for some yarn I ordered, I decided to start working on little Christmas ornaments.  Some of these will probably go as gifts, and some will decorate our cabin.  Here are two of them, both knit out of my handspun yarn.

As you can see in the video below, it snowed quite a bit today!  There were maybe three inches of accumulation.  By late afternoon, much of it had melted, but there is still some on the ground!

[T- we also did the weather station today, for the first time on our own without John supervising.  It went well, and we mailed off a sample of our snow for the weather station people.  Actually, it was melted snow, so we mailed them a jar of water]


Anonymous said...

Coraline watch out! And the ornaments are adorable. How many times can I exclaim at your knitting awesomeness without getting annoying? and btw, just thinking how much I would enjoy a cozy medium sized sweater---all my sweaters are too over-sized. If only I, or someone I love, knew how to knit. hmmmm

Anonymous said...

AND,where do you mail your jars of water to?

Thayer and Jessica said...

They get mailed to a water quality place in Illinois, actually.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Just found out that Beth Barron's son Caleb spent 10 weeks collecting moraine samples in Crested Butte--must have been at RMBL, don't you think? Or are there lots of scientific projects not related to RMBL?

Eagerly awaiting more posts.
love mon

Thayer and Jessica said...

I dunno, it was probably at RMBL or somewhere around here!