Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pita Bread!

We made pita bread last night.  As usual, we used one of James Beard's recipes.  It called for 'hard wheat' but we subbed in some all purpose mixed with whole wheat.  First we made 8 little balls of dough.

Then we rolled them out flat and coated the bottom with ground up oatmeal (i.e. cornmeal substitute).

We baked them for just about 7 minutes.  Pita bread!
 They turned out pretty darn good, although a little lumpy and 'homemade' looking.  We used some of our bulk falafel mix to make some little falafel patties.  And voila... dinner!

In other news, Thayer and I are working on the grad school application process, which is taking up a surprising amount of time.  Currently, we're contacting potential advisers and waiting for responses.  Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for blog.
Now I know; we will open a restaurant.
Good luck on hearing from someone.
G True

Anonymous said...

I left this [hopefully not patronizing or useless] comment on the FB: most American wheat flour, including whole wheat and all-purpose, is classed as "hard" wheat, the exceptions being those labeled cake, pastry, and/or biscuit flours. American bakers have historically favored wheat varieties with high gluten content, apparently a-cause they grew better in the New England climate, but also because we're greedy industrialists and extra gluten means a higher yield for bread, since the dough can absorb more water. If you want to know more fun but utterly useless bread facts, and/or learn what comfits are, I refer you to Elizabeth David's English Bread and Yeast Cookery. Also, the pita looks like it turned out really nice, sometimes it has the enraging tendency to not separate and puff, at which point I have to pretend I was making whole wheat naan, or something.


Thayer and Jessica said...

Its good to know about hard wheat flour, at the very least so we know we can ignore those pesky Brits when they start prattling on about it!