Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weather Station

We woke up this morning to a chilly cabin and a brilliant pink sunrise.  This photo doesn't do it justice.\

[T - I snapped the picture too late, after almost all the dawn pink had faded away.  There was a very small window to really capture it]

After a quick breakfast (leftover muffins, toast, and coffee), we hiked up to the weather station to do our biweekly maintenance (we trade off with John).  The weather station is up on a little hill.

It's a little box- but it's heated!   I recorded lots of numbers onto sheets.  Very exciting!

Here's a view of the ozone filter (on the right) and the wind speed/direction monitor (on the left).  They're on top of the weather station.

The ozone filter gets swapped out every week.  The tower is lowered by a rope.

The rain gauge and precipitation collector bucket are on top of this scaffolding.
Performing tests to make sure the precipitation is recorded correctly.

And we're done!

And now, we're off to Gunnison to pick up some more food supplies before it snows.  We're supposed to get a major storm tonight/tomorrow/the next day!

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Beverly said...

Absolutely enjoy and love the pictures and info.Thanks & take care.