Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More snow

Gothic was blanketed in a couple of inches of fluffy snow today, so Thayer and I tested out our cross country skis.  It was lots of fun, even if we fell a couple of times.  Living on a hill has a few distinct disadvantages when it comes to my klutzy cross country skiing.  I'm sure that we'll get the hang of it eventually!

 [T - I had to take the first picture, in case you're wondering why I'm not wearing mittens.  I didn't really ski without mittens.  My hands would have been very snowy.  The skiing was fun, we kind of milled around Gothic.  It's not deep enough to be very smooth skiing yet, and bushes and grass are still kinda in the way, but it was decent on the trails.  I only fell down a couple times, although I wasn't graceful]

As we were sitting in front of Gates, the two gray jays came over to investigate.  Remember that you can click this photo to see a bigger image!

This afternoon, I made some oatmeal sourdough bread.  I used Betsy Oppeneer's recipe for 13-grain bread from The Bread Book.  Thayer and I kinda changed the recipe to use oatmeal (not 13 grain cereal) and added sorghum syrup in addition to honey.  It turned out really well.  The cabin was pretty chilly today, so I was worried about rising, but we just set the bowl near wood stove and it rose nicely.

[T - the bread is delicious and unique, especially lightly salted]


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous loaf of bread. Outstanding hat on Thayer (even though I've seen it before) Adorable pictures of both of you. Love that you're skiing--you're going to be sooo good by the end of all this. And I love the weather station pictures--really very interesting.
love,mom carolyn

Anonymous said...

Seconded on the gorgeous bread comment, and I'm also terribly intrigued by the use/existence of sorghum syrup--what does it taste like, and how do you think it impacted the final bread?


Thayer and Jessica said...

sorghum syrup is delicious. It's sort of like a step between molasses and golden syrup. Very sweet, but has a very strong character. It's good in oatmeal too. It's nice in bread, because it donates flavor and not just sweetness. I don't really have an idea of how to describe the dimensions of its flavor though.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of Spindhead Peg,( who read your blog yesterday but didn't want the hassle of registering, in spite of an urge to comment) I am reporting that she is deeply impressed with all the gorgeous bread, the gorgeous knitting, and thinks Thayer has become a handsome man.
momish carolyn