Friday, November 6, 2009


We made bagels yesterday!  They ended up being more work than either of us thought they would be.  I used the recipe from Baking With Julia (which I just got from the library) because it had very detailed descriptions and even photos of how to shape them.  First, I made the dough (a pretty standard bread dough).  Then it had two risings- the second of which was in the fridge.

[T-it was fun to poke]

It got a little overexcited, thanks to the altitude.  Then half of the dough got shaped into bagels.

Once that half was bagel-shaped, they were boiled for a few minutes.

Post boiling:

They got an egg wash and toppings (fried onions, sesame seeds, salt).  After baking, they looked like this.

Here is one of the sliced sesame seed bagels.  They're very tasty, but maybe not worth all of the work.

[T- I found them pretty delicious, especially fresh out of the oven, but it was the most work of anything we've baked so far, I'd say.  Also, so many dishes from the process, many of which were le grodos.  I made a cheesy omelet breakfast sandwich with one, and it was good!  Don't tell Julia though, I didn't use copious amounts of butter for cooking the omelet.  I also didn't manage to make it in 15 seconds and I didn't manage to flip it over solely through one handed pan wrangling.  I used a spatula]


G True said...

You both are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Excellent beautiful bagels! Did you know that dad used to make bagels? They were really yummy but didn't taste at all like any "professional" bagel I've had, but maybe that's a good thing.

And if you don't have time NOW for bagel baking, whenever will you?
I am pleased to announce that my rickety wrists were able to tackle today, my first yeast adventure since the fall, which was an attempt at replicating those amazing "teacakes" that someone brought us (remember?
carolynish mom

destasib said...

Wow! You two are really going for broke! Bagels? We have tried them before and never had them turn out as beautiful as yours. Those look better than any that we ever had in the summer up in DePere at the bagel shop. Thanks for sharing all the photos and commentary.

Thayer and Jessica said...

Oh, I totally remember the teacakes. They were SO. Good. I didn't know you used to make bagels! Ours were actually really close to a bagel shop bagel in flavor and texture, although obviously fresh out of the oven is a deliciousness all its own. Also, thank you for the bagel compliments, B&B De! Thanks for reading and commenting on our blog as well. We love comments.

John Kennell said...

You made bagels and didn't invite me?

I will kick your ass.

carolynish mom said...

So I'm just looking at the picture of the hands holding the bagel dough and I'm wondering, "How well do I know your hands?" I think they are Thayer's hands. Am I right?