Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Chicken" Pot Pie

Yesterday, I woke up with a craving for chicken pot pie.  After doing a quick kitchen inventory, I decided that we probably had enough ingredients to cobble something together at least resembling chicken pot pie.  We had frozen veggies (corn, peas), crust ingredients, mashed potatoes, veggie gravy, and veggie chicken cutlets.  Thayer's mom sent us a recipe and we got started on the pie.  The crust was a little sticky and finicky at first, but I managed to get it into the pie tins.  We then spread a healthy helping of mashed potatoes on the bottom, spooned in the gravy/"chicken"/veggie mixture, and carefully placed the top crust onto the pie.

[T- next time we're going to make gravy on the side to put on the slices...]

After baking for about 35 minutes, we had a faux chicken pot pie!

It tasted absolutely delicious- fabulous comfort food.

[T- so good!]

With the leftover crust, we made little pie crust cookies.  Thayer cut out cute shapes and we decorated them with butter and cinnamon sugar.  After a little bit of baking, they were so fabulously buttery and tasty.

[T- the actual name of them is "pie crust dealies."]

A Tyrannosaurus and an Apatosaurus (not a Brontosaurus)!

[T- I also made a bunny, but Jessica ate it, so you won't get to see it unfortunately.  Jessica made a star, a heart, and then a bunch of lumps.  Cutting shapes out of pie crust gets old after the first few.]


Anonymous said...

Way to go! Did you us real butter in the crust? I love that you made the pie crust dealies, too, and excellent free form sculpting! And are they all gone? I always want more gravy too. It looks oh so yummy.
carolynish mom

Anonymous said...

I agree it looks delicious! But in my house they were called belly buttons and we rolled all the left over crust, covered it with cinnamon/sugar and rolled it like a jelly roll. The cut it into jelly roll slices. They got buttery, chewey and the sugar would ooze out and get crispy. Yummmm