Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Warm woolen things

Our cabin, as you would expect, becomes very chilly overnight.  Waking up to 45 F room is not entirely enchanting.  It's especially bad when we have to get up early.  Otherwise, I just hide out under my thick down comforter until the sun starts to warm up the cabin (which happens pretty quick, as our cabin is covered in south facing windows).  However, for those times when it's not as warm as I'd like it to be, I made myself some cozy wristwarmers.

[T - Jessica gets cold a lot.]

The yarn is a thick and cozy angora/wool blend from Peace Fleece.  Thayer's Aunt Ranae sent it in a wonderful early Christmas package (also including Minnesota-produced cheese, maple syrup, and coffee- yay!).

[T - it was a really awesome package!  Did you get my email thanking you for it, Ranae?]

For the cold floors in our cabin, I made Thayer a pair of felted slippers.  They're knit out of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes.  Unfortunately, until I buy some leather soles, these puppies are SUPER slippery on the wood stairs.

[T - Jessica also neglected to mention that they're still about a size 30 slipper.  Our front-loading washer is an uncooperative felter, as most front loaders are.  They are insufficiently agitating for the likes of felting projects, although the slippers are MUCH smaller than originally.  They start out as hats for giants that could each fit both of my feet at once.  They've been through the wash three times already.  They get to ride again with our next load of laundry, hopefully down to a little snugger size, although I wear them just fine as they are.]

Carolyn and CR generously gave me some gorgeous qiviut lace yarn for my birthday.  Qiviut is wool from muskoxen, which is combed off 'domesticated' muskoxen by some very brave souls in Canada, Alaska, and Greenland.  As you can probably guess from their range, qiviut is extremely warm yet lightweight and soft.  It's just lovely stuff.

I knitted up a cowl for myself, and it is just the softest thing I've ever felt.  This is a pretty bad photo- the color is actually much greener.

And one more knitted item, if you can stand it.  A mini Christmas stocking!  Knit from leftover Knit Picks Essential sock yarn.


carolyn mom said...

oh and the slippers look gorgeous, even if big

Anonymous said...

hmmm. it failed to publish my first comment. I said: talk about being a "jessica"!! All of the projects are wonderful. What a perfect use for the quivet, and excellent visual aids,btw. Bonkers want the stocking, but filled with chicken livers. And I can't believe you already knit the peace fleece!
Amazing jessica!!
momish carolyn

abi3009 said...

Hi there - I love the cowl, it's beautiful!
I'd really like to knit one for myself and some friends for christmas - would you be able to let me have a copy of the pattern?

Jessica said...

The pattern is available here: http://cosymakes.com/2007/06/15/old-shale-smoke-ring/