Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yesterday, we went into Crested Butte and Gunnison.  And now, thanks to the Crested Butte post office, we are both finally finished with graduate school applications!  The last forms have been sent in and now it's just time to wait.  If you're curious, I applied at Minnesota-Duluth, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Cornell.  Thayer applied at Michigan State, Minnesota-Duluth, and Oklahoma.  Now we wait until January/February/March to get things in the mail from these schools.

The car had been left at the trailhead, so we had to walk a few miles to get it.  On our trip, we came across the same North American Porcupine that we saw on our last car trip, but this time, I remembered the camera!  The porcupine was sitting in a bush, busily stripping it of bark.  When it saw us, it very clumsily climbed/fell out of the bush and tried to 'hide' in the base of the bush.  Porcupine 'hiding' pretty much means making sure that their head is covered, since the rest of their body is covered in quills.

And a picture of its little face.  He had done quite a number on the bush- om nom bark.

And here is the view of the road we walked along


Anonymous said...

Love the snowy and scenic route.
Sent you an email.
Love, G Tre

carolynish mom said...

oh my gosh that little porcupine is soo adorable. and when you were talking about baby porcupines, I hadn't even thought about how little porcupine played christmas.

Anonymous said...

do you ever have to worry about scaring them? They don't shoot their quills right?