Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had a wonderful potluck Thanksgiving here in Gothic in Maroon Cabin.  Lots of great RMBL people came and brought delicious food.  Our contribution was bread: a loaf of challah bread and 24 buttermilk rolls.  Here's a view of the challah (using Oppeneer's recipe).  It is quite a stunning loaf, thanks to the braiding and egg wash, and it makes tasty toast!

[T - I was in charge of the rolls, mostly.  They were perfect thanksgiving rolls!]

Unfortunately, we didn't get a photo of the rolls before they were eaten, but I think you can imagine what rolls would look like. 

[T - they were round, with a raised top and flat on the bottom, in case you can't imagine what rolls look like.  Oh, kind of a floury brown color.]

They turned out really light and fluffy, with a delicious buttermilky flavor.  We made the dough the night before and warmed it up and shaped it the morning of Thanksgiving.  The night in the fridge really helped the flavor develop, I think.

[T - there was also turkey, green bean casserole, roasted sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, wild rice with mushrooms and almonds, stuffing, cranberries, egg nog, and pumpkin pie!  It was yummy.  Kind of weird to be around so many people - definitely not used to crowds]


Anonymous said...

So more praise. Every loaf of everything is perfect. Although I would have liked to have viewed the rolls. Were they kind of like Gma Esther/Ranae's? Those are refrigerator rolls too.
more love,

Thayer and Jessica said...

We will take a picture of a leftover roll tomorrow. They aren't all that much like them, they're taller and fluffier.