Saturday, November 14, 2009


The snow has continued to pile up since yesterday.  It's still coming down as I write this, and likely will be until tomorrow.  We did a little bit of cross-country skiing today, and we made a snowman!  Here is Thayer adjusting its hat.

[T - It seemed like kinda sticky snow (it at least was sticky enough to stick some to our skis) so I wanted to make a snowman.  The snow here is different though - it has a very low moisture content apparently, so its not very sticky.  It's kind of dusty and difficult to pack, so getting our snowman body segments was really hard to start.  It kept kind of disintegrating on us.  Once we managed to get them rolling though, things went a little smoother and our balls managed to get big enough.  By the time it was time for the head, the sun was going down and it was getting colder, so the snow was way less sticky and we had a heck of a time packing one together.  Then we got some carrots for the mouth and ears, charcoal briquettes for the eyes, a stick for a nose, some cow parsnip stems for arms, and an oil funnel for a hat.  Jessica found a scarf in the closet that someone had left here to complete the look.  Actually, the scarf was the first thing Jessica went and got.  It seemed so perfect!  Earlier today we also saw an adorable beautiful ermine leaping around in the snow, hunting.  It would completely disappear under the snow and then pop up in another spot, almost like it was swimming!]

And the final product!

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